What Is- What Might- What If is designed and facilitated by Sudebi Thakurata and Probal Banerjee and hosted by D.epicentre, between 15th and 17th of July as part of Meeting Point.

This gathering is part of Revealing Contexts: A Meeting Point on Art & Social Action in Asia, organized by Mekong Cultural Hub. The larger theme of the Mini Meeting Point is “ The Cultural Worker in a Time of Social Change: A Meeting Point on Art & Social Action in Asia”

Some of the sessions of WHAT IF are open to the public, online but for most other parts one either has to share interest or they would be invited.

This is a part of the larger work on Future Literacy, Fluency, Competency and Consciousness that we have been working on.

We would like to explore:

What do future competency and fluency mean in the arts and creative sectors? In a VUCA Pandemic affected world, how do creative practitioners hone the relevant skills? Can the creative economy be separated from social and ecological action? In this highly engaging, reflective, provocative, facilitated, immersive and dialogic set of workshops we would open up possibilities of people to reflect on their own experiences, identify where the gaps are and share perspectives around how collective action can be taken to be future-ready. The key narratives, learnings and findings would be co-created and disseminated with relevant people across many regions.

For an in-depth view of our inquiries please check: https://thearchivalcity.medium.com/the-inquirers-3171c826905a

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